Twins and Multiples

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This is a exclusive and specific service for parents of twins and multiples. It consists of a face-to face consultation that usually takes 2 hours. Some families choose to book this service before the babies are born, or when they are still newborn. This will help you prepare for your life as a new parent of twins or multiples. It will give you an insight to what expectations to have, how you can prepare yourself and create a healthy routine for you to start your journey as a family.

Prior to our meeting we will have a brief chat over the phone, to discuss the needs of your family. I’ll need you to complete a Client History Form, from which I will analyse and prepare a gentle sleep plan appropriate for your babies/toddlers/children. My technique is always with the child’s and your mental health benefits in mind, and I do not practice CIO (cry it out) or in controlled crying. Together we will tailor a plan for your needs, and for what is required in your family. During our consultation I will answer all your questions, and once we start sleep coaching we will talk daily until you feel confident everything is under control. On top of techniques for gentle sleep training your babies, I will also help you to handle and synchronise your babies’ sleep and feeding, and you can rely on my commitment to help you to learn to trust your instincts, to differentiate between the different types of cries, and most importantly to relax and enjoy parenthood.