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Gentle sleep solutions for babies, toddlers & adults.


My aim is to empower you with the right knowledge and professional advice and support in your own home.


Have a look through my collection of articles, where you’ll find useful information and links that will help you with your sleep and settling. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Together we’ll design a

personalised program to suit you

Passion. Experience. Care.

Every child is different, and has his/her own sleep needs. Together we’ll design a sleep program that puts the right sleep guidelines in place for your child. I will then coach and support you every step of the way.

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My aim is to empower you

with the right knowledge

Cheryl Fingleson

Cheryl Fingleson

Internationally Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

I work with families across a range of areas, including settling and sleep techniques, establishing a good routine, discipline in the home, transition from cot to bed, potty training, safe co-sleeping, and identifying signs of postpartum depression. I want parents to know that they don’t have to feel like they’re struggling through the journey on their own, and can get help from a trained professional.

It has been my privilege and joy to see their amazing sleep progress.

“ Cheryl changed our lives, we went from waking up every 20-40 mins to once/twice a night within a few days. I couldn’t recommend Cheryl more highly.”


”I can’t thank Cheryl enough for the support she gave us during this time, she gave me the confidence I needed to help our son learn how to sleep and we are all better for it. ”

Brooke Uebergang

“Every time Max goes to sleep I think of Cheryl and how grateful I am.  It was the best money we have spent and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

April Thomas

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