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My aim is to empower you and your family to go to sleep calmly, happy and independently. I do this by providing professional advice and support in your own home, and together we will meet your goals and reduce stress and exhaustion. You can rely on my support every step of the way.

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It has been my privilege and joy to see some amazing sleep progress.

“ Cheryl changed our lives, we went from waking up every 20-40 mins to once/twice a night within a few days. I couldn’t recommend Cheryl more highly.”


”I can’t thank Cheryl enough for the support she gave us during this time, she gave me the confidence I needed to help our son learn how to sleep and we are all better for it. ”

Brooke Uebergang

“Every time Max goes to sleep I think of Cheryl and how grateful I am.  It was the best money we have spent and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

April Thomas