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I cannot express enough the gratitude and thanks I have for Cheryl Fingleson and how she quite literally saved my husband and I from the depths of sleep deprivation. My son Chase had just turned 6 months when I honestly felt like I couldn’t keep going. Chase woke every 45 mins at night and would not self settle on his own. I was desperate, and Cheryl saved me. Cheryl has the most calm, gentle and kind approach and I felt safe and at ease from the first minute I met her. Thank you for helping our family Cheryl. We are now a very happy and well rested family.
Beth Hargreaves
Cheryl literally saved us

Cheryl saved us when we were absolutely desperate. Our daughter was 18 months and had always been a problem sleeper but it had become ridiculous and unbearable. She was trying so hard to sleep but would be awake for 2-4 hour stretches at night. Cheryl turned us around with practical common sense that was also very gentle. Our daughter is determined and would’ve been a wreck if Cheryl took a hard line approach. Cheryl tailored her advice to what our daughter needed, and in the weeks after her 3 day visit, was still on hand for invaluable support and encouragement. She treated the whole person and introduced us to an ENT specialist who diagnosed large tonsils and adenoids. Our family is forever grateful and cannot thank Cheryl enough.

Our very own Mary Poppins – gentle, soothing and so warming not only to our little man Elliot but also to us – Cheryl has been an absolute god send to our son and to my husband and I.
Elliot is a different baby, he is no longer grumpy, unpredictable and fussy when it comes to eating – he is happy, energised, predictable and a fabulous eater. My husband and I are so rested, we have our evenings back together where we can switch off, have dinner, chat and actually watch tv. This is all thanks to Cheryl. If we had not taken the leap, we would still be up every 1-2 hours, bottle feeding 3-4 times a night and rocked to sleep if Cheryl never came into his life and ours.
I can now say Elliot goes to bed beautifully, self settles and soothes, sleeps through the night (give or take a wake here and there), wakes up well rested, happy and ready for the day and as do we as parents.
Cheryl is there for you every step of the way through the process and afterward and no questions is ever a problem to answer. We love the fact that Cheryl is our own Google when it comes to our little man’s sleep and we no longer have to stress and play the guessing game of when to put Elliot to sleep and what kind of night he will have.
If your little one is not sleeping and you are also so sleep deprived, please reach out to Cheryl – she is amazing.
Thank you Cheryl x
Nicole, Luke and baby Elliot

I don’t use the term ‘miracle worker’ lightly but that’s how I describe Cheryl to other new parents. In a very short space of time, she helped us drastically improve the sleep of our 11 months old. He went from needing a lot of help to get to sleep and waking up multiple times a night, to going down easily and sleeping through. Her techniques were very gentle and easy to follow, and she was always only a text or a phone call away (and always responds quickly). Thanks to Cheryl, the sleep of our family has been restored and we are very grateful. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her again for help and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Katherine D

Cheryl helped us through one of our most challenging times. You don’t realise how torturous sleep deprivation is until it becomes your reality. What made Cheryl stand out to me was her care and kindness towards my husband and I and most importantly our princess. The other stand out was Cheryl’s ongoing support throughout the first year when things seem to change overnight. Cheryl changed our lives, we went from waking up every 20-40 mins to once/twice a night within a few days. I couldn’t recommend Cheryl more highly. X


After 8 months of walking our son up and down the hallways in the middle of the night to get him to fall asleep, we realised, something had to change. We were at the point of total exhaustion and frustration and didn’t know where to turn.

Cheryl was referred to us by a friend. We had an initial consultation and found Cheryl to be gentle, sensitive and warm. This is so important when going through this process.

I would recommend Cheryl because she is so calm, reassuring and knowledgeable. She answers your questions quickly, and is always available to chat.

Bringing Cheryl in to coach us has changed our lives and restored a sense of normalcy. Our whole family is more rested, and it’s also given us the confidence as parents to know what we’re doing.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we honestly were at our wits end and you have completely turned it around.

Schirly, Ronnie and Baby Ezra

Very few people in life have a special quality, the kind of warmth that instantly makes you feel calm, Cheryl definitely has that something special. My husband and I call her Mary Poppins because she is quite frankly a little magical.

Our little baby girl Sadie was 6 months old when we reached out to Cheryl.

Sadie was going through a very big sleep regression and was waking every single hour, on the hour and then refusing to go back down, we become so desperate for sleep after a month of this and would do anything to get her to sleep, all the bad habits rocking, feeding etc… nothing was working.

We wanted to fix it but we couldn’t let her cry, it’s just not something we are comfortable with.

Cheryl was literally the only consultant I found that ACTUALLY doesn’t use “controlled crying” or “cry it out” methods, she/we stayed in the room THE WHOLE TIME and Sadie would have never have felt abandoned or left alone but was also being taught to sleep.

We got Cheryl in for 3 nights and after the 3 nights Sadie was able to self settle happily, something that she was NEVER able to do prior. The change in our lives is enormous, sleep deprivation is not to be underestimated, we were second guessing ourselves, lost our confidence and were just really in a daze.

Life is very different and Cheryl helped us get all of this back, I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Sadie now self settles every single time and sleeps through the night, we have had further regressions and I’m always in touch with Cheryl who guides us through and it’s over quicker than usual.

This is something that you won’t regret, Cheryl is incredible and our whole family (including our dog) miss her!

I mean who doesn’t want a little help from Mary Poppins herself?


A friend of ours recommended we get in touch with Cheryl to help us with our 12 Month old’s sleep. We were booked to go to Tresillian in two weeks, but we felt that the personalised ongoing help in our own home would be worth the cost. Our daughter has always been rocked to sleep and then carefully transplanted to her bed at night and daysleeps would be in the car or in my arms. At night she would wake several times. We were exhausted and also about to start back at work and needed our sleep. We were against letting her cry it out and with Cheryl’s gentle approach and our pace, we managed to assure our daughter we were not abandoning her and that sleep is a good thing. She now sleeps 11 -12 hours a night! We are still in contact with Cheryl to work on the daysleeps and she also assures us that she’s available with any future sleep hiccups…yay! Thanks for all your help Cheryl.

The Peddies

When we called Cheryl, we were completely and utterly exhausted. Our son was four and a half months old and waking every two hours during the night. In addition to the sleeping issues, he had also become reliant on me “assisting” him to sleep with rocking, dummies, music, swaddling, patting, bouncing – you name it – we did it! It would often take up to an hour for us to get him to sleep and there were always tears.

From the minute Cheryl arrived, we felt at ease. A cross between Super Nanny and Mary Poppins, she took the time to understand our sons sleeping arrangements; his feeding patterns; and his routine.  She made it clear that sleep is not just a “mothers” issue, and involved my husband right from the start.  Within a few days of being on Cheryl’s plan – Max was not only self settling, but sleeping from 6:30pm until 5:30am.  I felt like a human again! Every time Max goes to sleep I think of Cheryl and how grateful I am.  It was the best money we have spent and I cannot recommend her highly enough. My only regret was that we didn’t see her sooner!

April Thomas

Cheryl has been such a wonderful help in teaching our baby good sleep habits, helping us navigate our first year of parenting. She has helped our daughter learn to sleep through the night, after we battled through months of night feeding.
She has been responsive whenever we have had issues, and has been fantastic with checking in even when we haven’t asked this of her.
I’m so glad we were referred by friends to Cheryl.
Nothing has been too much trouble for Cheryl!


Firstly – thank you! We are grateful for your guidance and achieving the unthinkable – sleeping through the night! The gift of sleep is the greatest gift of all for a parent. Your patience, steady guidance whilst we were severely sleep deprived, experience and passion for what you do is so evident in all that you do. Your night of respite and helping our little one drop her night feed was life changing for our family. thanks for everything,

Terry and Mike

Cheryl entered our lives at a time when we were filled with sleep deprivation. Our 18 month old wasn’t sleeping and we were in a cycle filled with bad habits. From the start, we felt Cheryl was on our side. she listened to us, observed with no judgement, gave us professional and rational advice and supported us from day one. always available, a phone call away, she would coach us, praise us and help us. we worked at a realistic timeframe and within two weeks of sticking to the program, we were (and still are) thrilled at the results. our daughter is self-settling and sleeping through – and enjoying her sleep! We are also sleeping better!! Thank you Cheryl- you really are a miracle sleep coach!!!


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