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When I work with a family I take my time to understand their specific needs, what do we need to do to fit in a healthy sleep routine for this particular family? My technique is always with the child’s and your mental health benefits in mind, and I do not practice CIO (cry it out) or in controlled crying. In the familiar comforts of your home, we will use gentle sleep techniques that reassures your child that you’re right there with them. By following a sleep plan put together for your personal needs, your child will learn to calmly go to sleep (and go back to sleep) without needing to be rocked, patted, bounced, driven or fed.

The Babies and Toddlers Sleep Consultant Packages are perfect for families seeking a caring, experienced outside eye to help form healthier, happier sleep routines. Sleep training is suitable for babies and toddlers from 4 months to 6 years old, and both packages begin with a face-to-face consultation which usually takes about an hour.


$ 475
  • The Consultation provides support to address struggles around your child's sleep. It is designed to help you develop a healthy sleep routine that works for your family.

    The package consists of an in-home or Skype consultation, after which you will receive a personalised Gentle Sleep Plan to give you the confidence to cope with current and future issues.

    During the consultation we will discuss any general and specific problems you have been facing with your child’s sleep routine. Together we will address and identify key issues, and I will then tailor a personalised Gentle Sleep Plan that suits your family requirements.


$ 775
  • The Full Package consists of the initial Consultation and Gentle Sleep Plan, followed by step-by-step support guiding you through the Gentle Sleep Approach. Once you start the plan, we communicate daily and monitor progress until you feel confident that everything is under control.

    This package is designed specifically with intensive support and guidance throughout the process, including as many follow up calls as required, for you to effectively integrate and implement your new sleep routine. Together, we will ensure that you have achieved your unique sleep goals and feel equipped with the tools necessary to move forward with self confidence and assurance.

    This popular package is highly recommended and most effective, giving you the greatest potential for long term success in implementing your Gentle Sleep Plan.

NB: Approval by paediatrician or doctor is required before we start any sleep coaching.