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Expectant Parents or Newborn

Expectant Parents or Newborn

This is an in-home consultation, where I will help you prepare for your life as a new parent. This will give you an insight to what expectations to have, how you can prepare yourself and create a healthy routine for you to start your journey as a family. This takes approximately 90 minutes, and will cover all your questions, with the topics below:

  • Gentle sleep shaping – night and naptime sleep of your newborn (this is not the same as sleep training)
  • Self-soothing techniques
  • Learning to trust your own instincts, and being able to relax and enjoy your baby
  • Setting an appropriate sleep environment in your home
  • Common sleep myths
  • Understanding the different types of crying
  • The differences between the different sleep coaching methods

Two follow up calls or emails are included.

“Cheryl was the only person whose techniques were truly gentle and which we felt comfortable using, but which still worked.”

Sara Feeney

”Cheryl was so understanding and empathetic. She listened to what was important to us and came up with a very gentle plan to get Noa sleeping. ”

Aimee and Jesse
Mother and Father