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Why I would recommend Cheryl

Juliet, mother of twin toddlers

“It took her less than ten minutes to take control of the situation. Three nights later our family life was transformed”

When I returned to work my daughters’ sleep routine fell apart.
They started waking up numerous times in the night and often demanded a bottle or to sleep in my bed. I often felt I had to give in, so one didn’t wake the other, but I quickly realised that this caused too much disruption and all of a sudden we were all sleep deprived and exhausted.

I tried my best to make it work for over six months until I realised that not only was I shattered and feeling stressed out, but my daughter’s sleep was also getting affected, to the point that she was struggling to settle even when she was in my bed. The fact that she wasn’t getting enough sleep, and that the quality of the sleep she did get, was of poor quality, made me take the step to reach out and do something about it.

Our nanny recommended us to contact Cheryl, and we booked her in for 3 nights of sleep training. She arrived on a particularly bad night when chaos reined. It took her less than ten minutes to take control of the situation and to befriend my girls whilst firmly starting to lay some rules in place. Three nights later with sleep under my belt and Chloe settled into a routine our family life was transformed.

We now have a routine we stick to, both girls sleep through the night and most importantly have learnt how to go down happily and to settle to sleep. Chloe is much calmer and happier and I have learnt specific tools that have enabled me to embrace sleep time now with confidence (not dread!) and to ensure that our whole family gets the sleep we need to grow and function properly.

Cheryl Ssshhhhh, as my girls call her, transformed our family.

Juliet, mother of twin toddlers

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