The results have been life changing

The results have been life changing

“Our two-year old who went from being an amazing sleeper to an absolute nightmare – and no matter what we did we could not get back into our great routine and habits.”

Georgie and John, about to go back to work full time full time

We got to the point where it felt like we were awake 24/7 and we had no control over the situation we were in – I was ready to leave home. We found Cheryl advertised in a Facebook Group – I felt comfortable with her approach so I dropped her a text and she replied straight away. She immediately provided us with easy guidelines for us to follow as a family – but most valuable was the daily phone calls and text support morning and night to help us stay on track and deal with the each specific situation. Not only did she have all the right and techniques to get results, but she provided my husband and I tremendous support as we went through the program.

Cheryl’s unique service provides support during the transition time rather than a education style approach. Despite understanding the guidelines Cheryl gave us, we always had real time questions and curve balls our little guy managed to throw at us, and Cheryl was always there to tailor for our needs.

The results have been life changing. In a matter of days, Charlie was sleeping through the night and now goes for his nap and main sleep calmly and independently. Most importantly we, as parents, have the control back which in turn, provides Charlie with the structure he needs to be well rested and to feel secure.

Sleep deprivation is torture! Your whole family dynamic gets ruptured, and it takes the joy out of having little children. I highly recommend a getting a sleep coach to support a family who is having difficulty. We tried for months and months to fix the problems ourselves when could have had the issue fixed in a week and a half. A sleep coach provides you with one set of rules to follow (whereas google can give you so much conflicting advice!) and a reasonable timeframe in which to see a difference.

Cheryl gave us our life back. She gave us our happy little boy back, we now have time as a couple and she brought joy back into our family life.

Cheryl is an absolutely tremendous person who is completely invested in supporting you as a family until the issue is resolved. We feel lucky to have had her support to help us achieve such great results and we highly recommend her.

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