I give Cheryl 5/5

I give Cheryl 5/5

I got my confidence back, I got my sleep back, we got our lives back!

Mother of one, working full time, often travelling. High power jobs.


For the longest time, we believed it would sort it self out automatically as our child grew older. A few weeks became a few months, then those months and suddenly we had not had a good sleep in almost a year and a half. With such prolonged sleep deprivation my whole life seemed to have entered a fog.

I could not think straight and the only alertness I could muster was to try to keep my baby alive. I would cry myself to sleep most nights and on some I paradoxically could not sleep at all as I was only counting down the few hours or minutes until I would have to get up again and comfort my baby. I was stressed out, burnt out and really at the end of the tether. It was not living, it was surviving. Our whole family was affected by this, and I was getting desperate, which was why we decided to get help.

We tried so many different techniques and even got admitted into Tresilian sleep school, but nothing worked!

Finally, I had to admit I was in such a bad shape, I couldn’t task it, so we booked Cheryl in for a 3 night in-house training. Cheryl was wonderful and gentle and really made our precious girl feel calm and settle into routine.

During those three nights and the following week she was taught how to self settle and to trust us grown ups to be there for her. On the parent side we were taught techniques and tools to help our little one get the sleep she also so desperately needed.

Cheryl personalised a plan for our family, for which we are so grateful. Each child and each family is unique, and Cheryl definitely ‘got us’ as a family, and became an unbelievable resource and friend to hold our hands. We could not be happier to have found someone to help us with a routine that fits our lifestyle.

I got my confidence back, I got my sleep back, we got our lives back! We can now finally enjoy our lives as we should.

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