We all fell in love with Cheryl instantly

We all fell in love with Cheryl instantly

Cheryl is part counsellor, part sleep guru!

Sean and Penelope, juggling life with a toddler and a baby

Cheryl listened to all our issues, frustrations and concerns without judgment or criticism, which was wonderful for us as new parents. She knew we were just doing our best to navigate all these new experiences. She gave us a plan then helped us consistently apply it, and was available every step of the way where we had questions or if something wasn’t quite working.

Once we had followed through with her plan, our baby started sleeping well overnight and during the day. He settled himself to sleep and was on a consistent routine. He was much happier and we felt like ourselves again. We then followed a similar plan with our second baby and it was an easy choice for us to do that because we had so much confidence in Cheryl’s methods already.

We realised very early on that we needed help, when our first baby was around 5 months he only ever wanted to be breastfed to sleep, which I found very frustrating and stressful because I couldn’t even leave him with his dad for more than about an hour. He also woke every 90 minutes or so overnight and wanted to be fed back to sleep. We were exhausted and knew we needed help, fast! A friend who had worked with Cheryl for her three kids (including twins!) had recommended her, after Cheryl solved their sleep issues.

When our second child was born, we wanted the same healthy sleep habits for him, as for his brother. We remember how important it was for our son to get enough sleep – he was just so much happier after a good sleep – and we were never comfortable with other methods we had heard about, especially because he was so young at the time (around 5 months).

I think it’s important to recognise that reaching out for help does not mean you have failed in any way. If your baby isn’t sleeping well and it’s not working for your lifestyle or it’s making you miserable, then it just makes sense to bring in an expert. In most other aspects of life, we call in an expert when we need to and this is no different. Cheryl is part counsellor, part sleep guru! 

We asked our friends for recommendations and we wanted to talk to Cheryl ourselves to see whether her approach aligned with our style and what we were comfortable with, otherwise the whole process was just going to cause more stress and frustration.

Finding the right sleep consultant for your family is so important. We all fell in love with Cheryl instantly. She was compassionate and supported us all the way through the process, and continues to do so if we have any questions or concerns. Most importantly, we now have two happy, well-rested kids who are so much fun to spend time with and are rarely cranky and miserable. We honestly believe a big part of this is due to their good sleep habits. Cheryl really has improved the quality of our family time, and we are so grateful to her for that.

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